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Interactive Promo Robot 

This blue-eyed beauty is very much like a living woman: she has distinctive facial features, bob-like haircut, a slim figure, smooth human-like movements. It is able to engage in a conversation and keep up a dialogue. It has a pleasant voice and good manners.

What are the benefits of promo robot? They are:
– Sales growth.
– Enhancement of customer loyalty.
– Reduction of staff costs.
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Social Robots at Innovators Store Dubai Festival City
Social Robots at Innovators Store Dubai Festival City
Social Robots at Innovators Store Dubai Festival City

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Educational Robotics 

 While technology is expanding its reach Innovators introduces a wide Range of Educational Robotics, but what is Educational Robotics? Educational robotics is a broad term that refers to a collection of activities, instructional programs, physical platforms, educational resources and pedagogical philosophy.

At Innovators store we can help you learn more about Robotics and the future.

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Business Robotics at Innovators Store

Business Robotics

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Service Robotics at Innovators Store
Service Robot at Innovators Store

Robotics for business

Yes, it's real now you can use a full-size robot to promote your business is an excellent advertising medium. You may apply your brands to intensify promotional effect. Or you may place your partners' ads on it and gain additional profit. 

  An Innovative and an attractive advertising tool for retail networks, exhibition centers, banking, catering and other industries that focus on contacts with potential customers of their products and services.

Robotics at Innovators Store

 Are you looking for new and ground-breaking ways to promote your products and services? Have you considered robot solutions for business? 

How can they help your business? Social robots are a very effective way of engaging and interacting with people and help them connect with your business.

Social robots are innovative and entertaining, and will make your customer service stand out against the one provided by your competitors. 

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